MoMBIT is proud to be a part of STEMPi’s Modeling for Success program – a  terrific alternative education initiative designed to prepare the next generation of youth to face educational, work and life challenges by involving them in activities, which develop STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills, as well as teach team work, discipline and confidence. MoMBIT and STEMPi are in the process of partnering with Educational Passages to develop model boat sea and ocean crossing program along the famous trade routes such as Cross-Atlantic, Caribbean Sea -Panama Canal, Gulf of Mexico and others.

“The main premise underlying the Modeling for Success”  program is to prepare young people to succeed in life
and to enable them to create tangible value in the 21stcentury business and technology environment.
Using innovative, mentor-guided bootstrap-based“finance, build and market” approach developed
around sophisticated, technologically enhanced “old
school” ship, plane and train modeling, as well around
“new school” drone and micro-satellite assembly,
teach, empower and equip the students with a
multidisciplinary toolbox of relevant STEM, business,
legal and communications skills, strengthened
personal qualities and broad networking contacts. “