Our Mission

To create world's leading museum chronicling the historic development of international trade and merchant banking and highlight the massive impact these disciplines have had and continue to have on our society. Use the museum as a platform to Educate, Inform and Empower all those seeking to enter the fields of international trade or merchant banking.


Our Story

"Shrouded in secrecy, steeped in legend, they are the most fascinating and enigmatic of all aristocracy. They are the merchant bankers - the fabulous financiers whose family decisions have shaped the fates of kings and nations." Joseph Wechsberg, Merchant Bankers 1966

Having extensively studied international trade and its finance, we have realized the enormity of the impact this subject has had on development of humanity. Yet very little has been done to focus the attention of ordinary members of our society on the truly fascinating history of the subject.

Thus we thought a comprehensive, world-class museum may be a good start. We hope that once open, this museum will educate, inform and empower the visitors to strive and create additional economic impact through trade and finances, two pillars on which our society has been built and which will carry it into the future.

What's more, our museum will be state-of-the-art and will utilize latest advances in virtual reality, remote access information technologies and interactive engagement.  Using MoMBIT's exhibits and archives as a platform, we will also launch educational centers to help samll and medium size companies seeking to expand their international trade operations and to attract students to the amazing fields of trade and finance.

MoMBIT's exhibits will cover periods from ancient times through today and tomorrow. Exhibits will focus on the following periods and centers of trade, as well as merchant finance:

  • šAncient Rome, Greece, Egypt
  • šSilk Road - one of the greatest trading routs of all times
  • šAleppo - merchants of the great cities and the origins of international tade
  • šIstambul - cross roads of the world and its imprint on society
  • šChina - the masters of export
  • šIndia - England's influence on trade in finance
  • šItaly (Florence, Modena, Rome) - great merchant banking families
  • šLondon City - 17th through 21st centuries the cradle of merchant banking
  • šHamburg - 17th-19th century great birthing ground for merchant bankers
  • Container Revolution - how shipping containers changed global commerce
  • šFrance (Paris, Marceille) - the french banking houses
  • šUSA (New York, Charleston, Boston, Phila))
  • šHolland (Amsterdam) - the export nation and its bankers
  • šCanals (Panama, Suez, Erie, Hudson) - greatest man made traade facilitators
  • šCaribbean and Central America - from rum trade to slave trade
  • šAfrica -
  • šSouth America
  • šRussia
  • šMerchant Ships and Port Cities (New York, Charlesont, Philadelphia, LA, Houston
  • šTrade and Financing today
  • Future of international trade and merchant finance

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