šA unique museum chronicling the importance of international trade in the global development, as well as history and evolution of merchant banking from the rise of greatest merchant banking families (Hambros, Barings, Rothschilds, Mattiolis, Abs,Warburgs, Schiffs ) through today.

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Merchant Banking

It has been often said that Merchant Banking is the conversion of a dream into reality with the help of money. One of the most storied and important professions, which has moved global commerce, financed war and peace efforts of entire countries and produced such legendary family names as Barings, Hambros, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Medicis and Matiollis. Ever centuries, these storied families, and  later their modern successors played vital roles in the evolution of the global economy. They financed trade, underwrote infrastructure development and managed international crisis. Discreet, well-informed, decisive and bold, merchant bankers were the elite of the trade and finance engine, which was so vital to the development and smooth operation of the global economy from the middle ages through today.

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International Trade

From the ancient Carthaginian ships, traders of Aleppo and camels crossing the Silk Road, to the storied merchant tall ships of the 17th -19th centuries, to the multi-modal container based shipments, modern rail and post Panamax class tankers, international trade has always been vital to humanity's survival and economic prosperity.

At MoMBIT we are trying to educate our patrons as to the vital importance of the global trade to the development of the world and to provide a meaningful glimpse into the past, present and future of international trade

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Join us on the MoMBIT journey

We are determined to create a world-class Museum of Merchant Banking and International Trade (MoMBIT). Target opening date is May 18th, 2018

As the first step, we have formed a Steering Committee and are assembling an all-star Board of Trustees.

The committee has been formed to evaluate feasibility of setting up a viable full-scale history museum to educate the Big Apple community, and a worldwide audience, about the important role merchant banking and international trade have played in shaping global economic development.

The Trustees will lead a fund raising campaign, help secure the site and will shape the vision for the Museum.

Starting March 2018, we expect to begin assembling a team of professional curators,museum administrators who will turn our vision into reality and will begin to assemble exhibit materials, develop displays and educational content.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers to join us on this exciting journey and become part of this internationally significant project.



Next Steps...

Patrons, wishing to get involved in this monumental undertaking, can participate on many levels and should periodically visit the site for new announcements

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